Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Muscians Beware. Myspace Is Rapidly Dying


According to the L.A. Times Myspace is gearing up to layoff half of their staff in an effort to stay afloat and possibly prepare for a sale.What this could mean is that the primary purpose for Myspace to exist which is to be a showcase for bands and labels to showcase their product may drastically change during this downscale and even after a sale.
So people better start coming up with a plan B or even a plan A for a replacement site to showcase their product. Last.Fm is still a fantastic place that is underutilized in my opinion by promoters. Facebook needs to figure out a deal with Itunes to partner up as well. Personally Myspace could kiss my ass anyway for blocking out Blogger sites but I did still use it to get a gauge on bands I'd never heard of along with Youtube. This is going to get interesting folks, stay tuned.


Draeden said...

I have NO idea why Myspace is even around, they've destroyed that thing.. used to be rally cool.. now just annoying.. and I'm too lazy to delete my profiles.

Scott said...

I actually deleted my myspace page a couple of weeks ago. It's useless and since they changed everything around, it looks all fuckered up. They were trying to be more like Facebook but they can not complete because FB is simple and user friendly for the most part.