Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saxon is the First Band to Check In From 70000 Tons of I'm Jealous as Hell

Saxon is on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise and as far as i know they're the first band to actually check in while on the cruise. It must be rough to be locked down in a single room to do any rehearsals and yet still have something constructive to say about it. Actually this is more about upcoming band plans then the cruise itself.

I think I like Saxon better since the 90's then I did the 80's incarnation and holy shit does Biff and Nigel look old. I'm over 40 myself but it doesn't occur to you these types of things until you're confronted with it on video. Anyway, keep soldiering on Saxon.

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Tr00 Nate said...

I still find the whole idea of a metal cruise silly. Even now that I see footage from the boat, I can't quite believe that it is real.

Anyways, Saxon has been consistently excellent since at least Lionheart, so I'm excited to hear the new album. And yes, Byford looks like the Crypt Keeper.