Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So NAMM. How Is It?

I've been to my fair share of conventions. I've been to San Diego's Comic con and San Fran's Wondercon. I've even been to conferences for work a few times. The one place I've never been to is NAMM. This is like a convention that gets flaunted every year. So and so is performing, so and so is signing autographs, so and so is being interviewed. We see people posing with legends in music all the time. Yet your average everyday person can't get in. It's like "Wow look at all the fun everyone is having but you can't come sucka!". In a time where the music industry is still suffering and websites are driving the music industry you'd think they'd open the doors to the public wouldn't you? Think of how much money and gear could get sold if people were to actually get to mingle with their heroes.

So my question is, how far from reality are my observations? We here at TDM know a few people that are there now. So since the news world is tied up with the private party er...trade show in L.A.just how cool is it at NAMM every year? And what do people actually get out of it that the common man wouldn't. Somebody check in with a 4-1-1 please.


Masaki Murashita said...

There are all kinds of people. Doing business there, networking, collecting autographs by celebrities, and so on. Though it is not opened for public, the NAMM announced there were 90,114 registered attendees from around the world and the number is increasing every year. Since the purpose of the NAMM is a trading show, if it's opened for public, it will be a mass and it makes sense to make it keep it private. For those of you who has an opportunity to be in, it is the best place for networking, meeting new people and expand your business.

Rob Liz said...

Thanks for the update Masaki:)