Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zombie Holocaust Among Others Scheduled for Slaughter By the Water Festival

The Second Annual Slaughter By the Water is set to kick off June 4th of this year and headlining so far that I can tell is Whiplash. The full roster of bands isn't set yet but here is what is on tap so far courtesy of Brave Words.

Zombie Holocaust

Funny how some outlets get this information and it's not yet posted on the actual website. Such is the case here. What is known is the event will be held at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, Ca. I might have to hit this thing up then if I can make there alive(those that live out here know what I'm talking about).


Anonymous said...

Thats the line up for last year, this year they have confirmed Whiplash, Zombie Holocaust, Dead, and Vindicator

Rob Liz said...

You are correct sir. My reading comprehension and copy and paste skills failed me. I'll make the correction. Thanks.