Monday, January 31, 2011

Want to Get Your Unsigned Band on a Compilation? Of Course You Do.

I received a message from David Spaur who is also the publicist for Legacy of Disorder and he is booking acts to appear on the latest edition of Loud Music Compilation. This will be the 17th edition of this series that will include Nonpoint as a confirmed artist. After the jump is all of the details if you want to get your band included on this cd for 10,000 lucky people to hear.

From David:

I just started booking Loud Music Compilation Volume 17 and wanted to put it out there for you to inform any and all unsigned metal/alternative rock bands about. Just received confirmation major artists Nonpoint will be involved. Fee for bands inclusion is $500 USD and they receive 25 copies for themselves as well.

Some well-known artists that have participated in past volumes are Mushroomhead, Otep, Snot, Kittie, Leaves Eyes, Sebastian Bach,Kingdom of Sorrow, Fear Factory & Megaherz.

- 10,000 copies pressed and printed with a multimedia enhancement bringing fans directly to bands website/myspace(distributed at events and concerts which will provide results for bands included). Recently distributed at shows from Metallica,AC/DC,Seether,Atreyu,Disturbed,Panic! At The Disco, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage(and that is just a few of the major concerts we have been hitting). These are distributed for free to ensure that each of the 10,000 copies reaches the hands of a potentially new fan.

- These compilations are solicited to magazines,radio stations(whom run the bands in rotation provided requests are being made) as well as numerous other industry contacts(list available upon request).

- Compilations are toned by Eclipse Records owner/c.e.o. Chris Poland meaning that the music will be brought to the highest quality sound possible and being marketed by the very same man who launched the career for Mushroomhead.

- A band profile will be created throughout distribution of Volume 17 for each band joining through our domain www. streetteam. com including band bio,pics,music video, and link to the website(s) along with direct link to purchase bands album. Hits generated go above 50,000 unique visits per month along with over 700,000 hits. Our domain is the #2 result when searching for streetteam.

- Our company will act as bands U.S. streetteam distributing any materials they have available(i.e. stickers, banners, fliers, etc...)

You can visit to find out more about us, however to summarize - we produce 10,000 copies of each volume, which are sent to street team members nationwide. The members in turn distribute these CDs for free at targeted concerts around the USA. In addition, we do an industry mailing to select record companies, radio stations, managers, and journalists.

Streetcult Marketing (Corporate HQ)
PO Box 215
Butler, NJ 07405 - U.S.A.
Phone: 973-492-1976

Streetcult Marketing (MN Office)
David Spaur
1015 4th St SE
Roseau, MN 56751
Phone: 218-242-1352

So there you have it. 10,000 people can get a chance to hear your stuff that may otherwise have not. Some pretty heavy hitters have gotten their start with this. the next could be you.

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