Friday, January 14, 2011

Warbringer Drummer Realizes Touring is Hard. Leaves.

Being in a metal band is not for everybody these days. To keep your name out there you are required to spend almost the whole year touring with the only break coming is to sit down long enough to record the next album and then it all starts over again.
My guess is Nic Ritter of Warbringer came to this realization after the last tour cycle and has decided to move on. Here is his statement.

"I felt like it was time for a change both musically and personally.

"All is good between the guys and myself as this was a mutual decision.

"I wish them the best in the future and with the next album."
Warbringer's response:
"Nic Ritter is an incredible drummer and we wish him the best of luck! I know he made a lot of friends around the world and I just want everyone to understand that our decision to part ways was mutual and necessary

"Nic has worked very hard with us over the last two years and we are grateful for his contributions musically and his commitment personally on the road."

A band needs to move quickly to find replacements and apparently Warbringer has and will debut the new as of yet unknown new guy on March 5th in Mexico for the Eyescream Festival.They're also writing new material right now for the next album so that the cycle will begin again to burn someone else out.

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