Monday, February 28, 2011

Amorphis Releases New Album Details.

Yet another album that is going to get pimped out this year is the anticipated new one by Amorphis. You may or may not recall I jumped at the news that the next album was to be a concept album. Well now the full release information is out. As you can see the cover art is typical of this era of Amorphis with a sort of ethereal landscape painting. Except it's a giant egg hovering over an island I think. Hence the name of the album 'The Beginning of Time'. Due out at the end of May here is the tracklisting.

01. Battle For Light
02. Mermaid
03. My Enemy
04. You I Need
05. Song Of The Sage
06. Three Words
07. Reformation
08. Soothsayer
09. On A Stranded Shore
10. Escape
11. Crack In A Stone
12. Beginning Of Time
13. Heart's Song (digipack bonus track)

If you haven't yet checked these guys out, do so. I can't imagine being disappointed in this new one when it comes out.

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