Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Dragonforce

Still nothing of interest for me to post about today. Maybe I need to expand my musical horizons and not be so picky.But it gives me time to continue on with this project. Next up is everyone's favorite power metal band with blazing fast music and sound effects lifted straight from video games that made their breakthrough with the now defunct Guitar Hero franchise.


I swear I've defended my guilty liking for these guys somewhere in the archives but damned if I can find it.It was probably along the lines like "Yes I like them, suck it". I don't know. But yeah I was digging these guys for awhile. It was cheesy but in an enjoyable manner and then it got boring after the last album Ultra Beatdown. I saw them live which you can see here. I wasn't too impressed and then ZP Theart left and there hasn't been much of a whisper if they're getting a new singer other then auditions took place. And now that Guitar Hero is going away the chances of anyone continuing to give a fuck about this band is slim to none.

I'll still play them as a shuffle band but unless the new singer is good in a way I'll like them and not good in a way a typical power metal vocalist is I've moved on. I'd play some videos but I don't feel like it so unless you really want to see them let me know in the comments and I'll put some up.Otherwise I'm almost done with the D column. Yay!

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