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Devil's Interview w/ The Project Hate MCMXCIX's Lord K Philipson

A few days ago I requested an interview with The Project Hate and as it would have it I was granted said interview and quickly crafted up 20 questions. Well maybe not quickly but with a band of such depth it would not be right to just throw 10 questions out there. Lord K ended up being the recipient of my interrogations and I have to say he came out of it unscathed. So after the jump check out my interview with 'TPH' as we discuss Ruby Rocque, the awesome that is Sweden, and hatred for Christianity.

Replies by Lord K Philipson are in standard font.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

- No problem. Thanx for giving a shit.

1.For those unaware of The Project Hate MCMXCIX, how would you describe the band’s music?

Death metal and beyond. It's not easy to put a simple tag on what we do since there's not a single band out there who sound like us. As someone very wise once said: TPH may sound like a lot of bands, but there's not one single band that sounds like TPH. That rings true still to this day, and has done so since we started some 12 years ago. Give us a shot and try to come up with a suitable tag for our music. I dare you to.

2.Bleeding the Apocalypse releases on February 14th. How much more excited are you to get this released as compared to previous releases?

I have never been more excited, for quite a few reasons. We finally did it - the perfect album. By bringing in vocalissa Ruby Roque and drummer Tobben Gustafsson, my vision is complete. They have enhanced the music to levels I could only dream of before. Don't get me wrong, I love everything we have done but "BTNA" is something else on all accounts. It's just remarkable how everything just falls into place sometimes. This is what TPH is all about. Now I'll just work my way even more upwards from here. I can't thank my fellow musicians enough for fullfilling my dream to create the best damned music ever made.

3.The irony of that specific date is not lost on me. Will any significant others be getting anything on Valentines Day?

Absolutely. Being in a relationship sure calls for it. But to be honest, this is the first time I actually give a shit and decided to spend quite a nice chunk of cash on my beloved Mrs. K. She deserves it. Just like the world deserves a Valentine's gift in the shape of "BTNA". Only, this one is nothing but complete darkness.

4.This will be the first release with new singer Ruby Rocque, how did that partnership come about and will she still continue to do work with Witchbreed?

She left Witchbreed some time ago. I dig that band, and that's how I found out about Ruby in the first place. I got their album for reviewing at my site www.globaldomination.se and she floored me with her vocals. One thing led to another and I just acknowledged the fact that she needs to be in TPH. She deserves it. I hope she's with us until the end of the band comes, which I reckon will take some 50 more years.

5.Since Ruby is essentially the third female vocalist, how difficult is it transitioning to a new singer in the songwriting process?

Not difficult at all. I don't write music with a specific vocalist/vocalissa in mind. I write music that I love and want to hear myself, To have Ruby with me in this now just means endless of more possibilities coz she's so fucken good it's insane. I have never heard a girl with such power in her vocals. She really can do it all and it'll be pure joy to see what she comes up with for the next album. Fuck knows she already floored everyone with "BTNA".

6.Was the parting of ways with Jonna Enckell difficult after such a long partnership and do you still maintain contact?

It wasn't hard in any way, shape or form. Obviously some people who dug Jonna thought it was a disaster. Tough for them, I guess. It was the same when Mia was fired. The day I write music for them I will start to give a shit about what they think I should and shouldn't do with TPH. lemme tell you that it will take forever before that happens. Me and Jo weren't close, we had a working relationship and that's that. We are not angry at each other or anything like that. She understood my reason for dismissing her completely when I explained it and she took it very well, as expected. I wish her all the luck with her Siren On project. She's a very talented girl, but her time in TPH was up.

7.Aside from the change at female lead vocals, I understand there were other lineup changes. Can you tell us about those and how well it’s going so far?

I basically decided it'd be a smart move to ask my best friend (and colleague in my other band, Torture Division) Tobben Gustafsson (known for his work in legendary deathsters Vomitory) if he wanted to be a part of TPH. He's been an absolute fave drummer for me for so long and it puzzles me that I didn't think of asking him earlier. We have never had a better drummer in TPH and I don't ever want to see anyone else playing in this band when it comes to the drums. Apart from that guitarist Anders Bertilsson was dismissed quite some time ago due to lack of interest. Excellent guitarist and a good friend, but if you show no dedication to TPH you have nothing to do in this band.

8.How did the idea to infuse electronic and industrial with melodic death metal come about?

It was a real easy decision for me back in the day. I wanted something that held all the ingredients that I love about music. TPH was my calling. Album after album we have perfected our style and really topped our performances on all accounts. All of it leading up to "BTNA" - a showcase of absolute domination. It'll be quite an achievement to beat this album when I start writing for the next one. But I will beat it, just as I have done with every album.

9.All of your songs are so rich and in depth. What goes into the songwriting process to create such epics?

Time, dedication and lunacy. I have a hard time believing many people work as hard as I do with composing for their bands as I do for TPH. You wouldn't even begin to understand how much work goes into what we do if I told you. But then again - it's my fucken calling, it's my life. Satan wanted me to do this, and do it well. He's proud of me and TPH. And rightfully so.

10.Can you explain why Sweden consistently produces such excellent bands and how can the U.S. follow in that example?

I have no idea but I guess we are just a fucken talented country when it comes to this. The US has got long ways to go before you catch up with us. But then again, you have Vanessa Carlton. We can never beat that.

11.It seems that the constant theme among all of Project Hate’s works is a disdain for Christianity. Have you received any ‘hate’ mail from Christians or death threats because of your material?

Oh,man... yeah, you could say we have gotten our fair share of loveletters from these fucken retards. And I wish nothing but terrific torment upon them. Our wrath will rain down from the sky. You'll see.

12.Is it a conscientious effort to torment us bloggers and writers with long album names such as the current one ‘Bleeding the New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)’?

You prolly copy/pasted that, didn't you? You lazy bastard. There is always a reason, for everything. This title explains alot. It's not like I feel I have to have a long album title, but sometimes a few words aren't enough to explain what I wanna get through. This new album title explains perfectly what we are up to.

13.You have had two of my favorites in Dan Swano and Christian Alvestam involved in your work to some degree. How was it working with those guys?

As always - a joy. Those guys are so good it's not even sane. Swanö is a wizard and I hope he gets his acknowledgement on a wider scale real soon. He deserves it on all accounts. A true master. Älvestam is one of those fucken insanely talented vocalists who deserve to be on a few TPH songs. Both awesome, awesome people.

14.Who would win if there was to be a growl off contest? Lord K, Dan Swano, or Christian Alvestam?

I would fucken lose in a whim. I can't sing nor growl for shit. I am obviously talented as fuck in a lot of other areas, but singing is really not something I can handle. I think Dan would take the gold medal when it comes to growls. Älvestam would take the clean vocals trophy.

15.For the electronic side of your work who would you consider to be an influence to your work? Same for the metal side?

The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Astral Projection, DJ Shadow and hundreds of other excellent artists inspire me when it comes to the electronic side of TPH. Also a lot of movie scores inspire me for this. Metal wise it's not any particular bands, really. I guess all of it influence me in some way but I can't pick any specific bands who I consider to be an inspiration. Yngwie Malmsteen is a huge inspiration though, and I can't play solos for shit.

16.After a dozen years or so of making the style of music you do, do you foresee a trend where other bands mirror your style? And if so how would you adapt to stay unique from the pack?

We'll always be unique considering we are just that... Originators of a sound. Our sound. I don't think any bands would have the fucken strength to go thru the process of creating music like we do. It takes some serious dedication .Leave it to the pros. Leave it to me. You'll only suck at trying it.

17.Any plans to tour the States in support for Bleeding the Apocalypse? If so do you have any concerns about performing shows in our southern regions which are heavy with Christians? I’m talking Bible belt here.

I am talking complete annihilation of all that is holy here. TPH don't tour, so that's that.

18.While on tour will be there be any touring musicians or will Lord K be handling both bass and keyboard duties?

I will be playing the CD's thru the PA and have me a beer.

19.What is your favorite Dokken album and why?

Dokken fucken suck. Long live Tytan!

20.Thank you for taking the time to answer these at times silly questions. I hope it was a fun interview. Any last words you want to get out there? Any additional promo items we should look out for?

A fine interview it was. Thanx for giving a shit. I could go on about how we really, really need you guys to purchase the album from your local record store, or us directly - but no one gives a shit anymore so I'll skip it.
We are watching you. Behave.

And there we go. Thanks again to Lord K for giving such a great interview. A few things I'd like to clear up. I meant to say in the growl off question Jorgen,Dan, and Christian. Not sure if that would have changed the answer but I must have had Lord K on the brain. Also yes I did indeed copy and paste the full title of the album because yes I am a lazy bastard and the album's name is too damn long. Hope you had fun reading this I know I learned a thing or two from it. Make sure you get your copy of Bleeding the Apocalypse on February 14th in Europe and the 22nd in the U.S.

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