Thursday, February 03, 2011

Draeden's Succubus Showcase: Kaisa Jouhki


For February, my choice for the Spotlight is Kaisa Jouhki of Battlelore. I've always loved the sweetness to her voice and she's as beautiful as any Elf, which works perfectly for the Tolkien theme in Battlelore.

It's pretty spectacular how Kaisa's voice is pretty much the polar opposite of Tomi's aggressive and glutteral growls making Battlelore unique in the metal community where most female vocalists have very powerful operatic voices.

It's kinda ironic how the other evening I was watching The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and being vaguely aware that Galadriel was supposed to be so unearthly beautiful you couldn't look upon her without being bewitched, yet they had cast Cate Blanchett for the role. Kaisa would have been a far better choice and she looks more Elvish than human though they'd most likely have to blond her up..

Just as stunning is her voice, and though it's more subdued than most of her peers, it's probably one of the most alluring. She doesn't need to be overbearing vocally; she's perfected her soft and sweet delivery and it's her voice that makes Battlelore so different and so utterly brilliant. I would stop to listen to her sing the phone book. Seriously.

So if you've never heard of Battlelore or Kaisa Jouhki then definitely check out these videos. These song's styles isn't typically what you'd normally get from Battlelore but I really think they showcase her talent and beautiful voice perfectly.

Journey to Undying Lands from Where the Shadows Lie
(with original vocalist Patrik Mennander)

Here's House of Heroes from the album: Evernight

Here is Elves of Lúva from Third Age of the Sun

Back to Where the Shadows Lie with The Green Maid

And from their latest release Doombound, Enchanted!


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