Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Goodbye Guitar Hero. It Was Fun while It Lasted

I've probably violated all kinds of copyright laws with that picture. Oh well. Yes, it was announced today that the Guitar Hero series is being discontinued. Though I haven't played the games in a long time because Sony were a bunch of fucking pricks that wouldn't make most PS3's backwards compatible I had a blast playing those games. Here are the questions that should be asked in the wake of the disappearance of Guitar Hero.

Are kids going to continue to play Rock Band? Are kids going going to continue to pick up real instruments and learn to play them? Will this hurt the hard rock and metal community and by how much? How will Dragonforce go on?
All I ask for then is to make all of the versions of the original series be available one last time for the PS3 and we can conclude our business together over the years.

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Scott said...

I was watching CNN this morning and they said that the makers of GH said that they are discontinuing because rock music just isn't that popular anymore. Yeah, that's it. Or it could be the fact that they focused on releasing artists based games instead of evolving like Rock Band and making it easier for people to download new songs instead of having to wait for the next game with mediocre songs and not letting people pick and choose what songs they want. How many songs are on the Rock Band Network now?