Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nightwish Unveils New Artwork and Concept for New album: The Rob Liz Take

So did I miss the memo on every major European band releasing concept albums this year? Was there some big council meeting that I missed? First Within Temptation with it's comicbook/movie/album tie-in. Then Amorphis with a story of old Finnish gods. And now we have Nightwish revealing a concept that will follow somewhat with Within Temptation's route minus comic books. Draeden already scooped me about this earlier in the morning but here is what I think about it.

So the artwork looks like something inspired by E.T. and the concept is based off of probably a myriad of human in modern day times being thrust in fantastic worlds. I don't know. I think these bands are getting a bit to ambitious with some of these projects. Concept albums used to be hard to take for the everyday listener. I can't see it changing much these days. The biggest thing with Nightwish is how is it going to sound with Annette since she is a full invested member of the band now. Mostly likely there will be an orchestra and symphonic elements but once again is the music and sound going to overwhelm Annette's pop style vocals again?

Still no release estimate for the album but apparently a movie is being shot for this due in the Spring in Finland I assume. This trend is barely off the ground and I already want it to stop. These movies are not going to be any good and distract from the music I think. Just make good music. Why is there a need to overextend into other media projects? Is it to give the fan the full experience? Funny how the album is named Imaginiarium yet every effort to take imagnination out of something is being done by making audio and visual projects together. Prove me wrong Nightwish. I'll be waiting in 2012 for the result.

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