Friday, February 25, 2011

A noob's take on Amon Amarth


I have to admit straight away that I've known the name Amon Amarth for quite a while. Years ago a beautiful woman had asked me if I wanted to see them in concert in Orangevale, CA with her and out of stupidity I declined. I was such a dumbass! I really don't have any excuses for not going, though as far as Amon Amarth was concerned: it really just wasn't my bag.

Fast forward to today and you're now looking at the newest convert and fanboy of Amon Amarth and I'm proud to say it - Flagon of Ale in one hand, battleaxe in the other.

As with most of the music I listen to, I owe it to Rob for turning me onto another killer band; (though he can't claim Vampires Everywhere!, that was all me). Amon Amarth is just so brutal, so powerful and agressive that it speaks to the man that's buried somewhere deep within these fat rolls and emo clothes: lying in wait. The music seeps into each and every pore and activities that primitive warrior gene that's concealed within every man's DNA - waiting for that perfect moment to rise up and take over. This band does that.

What is really the surprise here, is how you can actually understand what the fuck Johan Hegg is singing, though the vocals are glutteral and savage. The musicianship, on the other hand, it quite technical and carefully plotted. It's not brainless, senseless music - it's amazingly crafted and astonishingly intelligent, especially on their last few efforts.

I, for one, will be supporting this band in any way I can - because they're awesome (and I'm slightly fearful they'll kill me if I stop listening to them). Kidding. Seriously though, do yourself a favour and check them out.. don't be a douchebag like I was and turn down a night of vicious fun, incredible music and beautiful women. Grab your head protection and head into the pitt - spiked gauntlet ready for blood!

Because it's fucking awesome, here's my fav song (so far):
Twilight of the Thunder God!!!

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