Thursday, February 24, 2011

Novembers Doom New Album Complete With Details

Chicago's own Novembers Doom announced all kinds of news about the new album being released this year. I like these types of things where the artwork, tracklisting,release dates and other things are just layed out at one time.

So the new album as shown by the banner is called Aphotic and is due out on May 10th via The End records.Special guests are Anneke formerly of the Haunting, Dan Swano again pops his head in and actually busts out with the growls supposedly for the first time since Edge of Sanity went defunct. Here is the track listing.

01. The Dark Host
02. Harvest Scythe
03. Buried
04. What Could Have Been
05. Of Age and Origin - Part 1: A Violent Day
06. Of Age and Origin - Part 2: A Day of Joy
07. Six Sides
08. Shadow Play

Novembers Doom is a cool band for what they are. Heavily inspired by European doom bands they've put together some decent stuff. It's one of those bands that I want to like more then I do but a couple of factors prevent me from being a fan. After the jump is the quote from frontman Paul Kuhr that does make me want to check it out though to see if there is a breakthrough.

"One goal in NOVEMBERS DOOM is to never repeat ourselves. We aim to constantly challenge our writing abilities to deliver something new each and every time, while maintaining what we feel is our signature sound. We feel we've not only accomplished that with 'Aphotic', but have pushed our creativity into new musical territory. The result is quite possibly the most unique NOVEMBERS DOOM release yet."

So doom fans keep your eyes peeled for this when it releases.


The Ranter said...

I won der what the doom band Aphotic thinks about Novembers Doom using their name for an album title?

Still...I agree. Last God off The Knowing is one of my favorite doom tracts ever! The sense of space is amazing...simple, but awesome.

The Ranter said...

oops. Never mind. They (Aphotic) are defunct. Have been defunct for quite a while!