Friday, February 25, 2011

Scar Symmetry Reveals Their Most Boring Album Artwork Ever. And Other Album News

Metalsucks did a post a few days ago with a leak that Scar S6ymmetry had finished recording a new album and such but it became official today. That has to be the most generic cover by far that SS has ever had. Aside from that the new album will be called 'The Unseen Empire' and it's a concept of sorts. Here let one of the guys explain it.

Henrik Ohlsson: "'The Unseen Empire' seeks to expose the hidden hand of the elite that pull the strings of mankind in order to fulfill their agenda of global domination. The album concept goes from theories of shadow governments to secret ancient bloodlines and even further into speculations of malevolent influence from metaphysical reptilian-based intelligences. Mankind's only hope to survive seems to be an internal awakening where the influence of the unseen empire that rules in secrecy is washed away from the minds of the masses. They want us to stay within the framework of their agenda, hypnotizing us with things that draw attention but has no value. It's time to step outside the framework and make 'the unseen empire' visible!"

So a conspiracy theory of sorts. Yay. It's due out April 15th on Nuclear Blast. Apparently with the album art and the concept the band seems determined to make this the first effort where people don't compare it to Christian Alvestam era material. Good luck with that.


hildesaw said...

At least its symmetrical?

Rob Liz said...

Good point and noted. I'm still bored though:P