Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shuffled Playlist Random Thought: 2-26-11

Time must have gotten away with me. I apparently forgot to do this last week. Thanks for reminding me, jerks. Unless you don't care and that's fine too. Anyway let's see if something unmetal shows up on the shuffle shall we? After the jump.

Battlelore's Storm of the Blades. Not bad for the morning as I type this. It's off their 2005 release Third Age of the Sun which might be my favorite album. Speaking of which did anybody pick up the newest release Doombound? And if so what did you think of it.

This band needs to tour out here along with Turisa. And then have a jam all decked out in their costumes. Not sure if a club could handle that many bodies playing metal mixed with hurdy gurdys and violins but it should be fun.Here is a Youtube clip of the track I mentioned in the meantime.


Scott W said...

I might have to do one of these sometime. I've been putting my iPod on shuffle lately for the sole reason that I have been quite indecisive picking albums lately.

Rob Liz said...

Yeah it is probably my only ancient feature. I roll the dice everytime on whether or not something unmanly or metal will pop up. Any sort of excitement these days will do I guess:P