Monday, February 07, 2011

Slash Collected a Fat Paycheck For Mediocrity

When was the last time a Super bowl half time show was worth a shit? So someone complained about old farts being a part of this thing constantly thanks to Janet Jackson showing her tit. So now it's 2011 and in an effort to hip up the Super Bowl halftime show again the Black Eye Peas were brought in to save the day. Did they succeed? No. Fergie's mic was not checked to be on at the start of their set and without autotune this group was exposed as hacks live. But for our purposes here is the crown jewel. Observe how Fergie butchers Sweet Child of Mine.Slash thanks everyone for the substantial sum of pocket change he was awarded for 1 and a half minutes of crap.

Nice Cher impersonation there Fergie. I think we would have been better off with the real thing. And exposed 60+ knockers. Bring back the old farts next year. Better yet, bring out Slayer or Megadeth. Hell even Metallica would be better compared to this abomination.


Meryl said...

how to destroy a song, lesson I

Scott said...

I feel ripped off....and I didn't even spend any money on that.

The Ranter said...

Pathetic. Just pathetic. Plus I thought the Peas were like 2007 or relevant are they even from a pop perspective.