Monday, February 14, 2011

Slayer Continues To Find Metal Ways to Get Injured

The health news keeps rolling in for the guys from Slayer. Last year Tom Araya was in traction or damn near with back and neck injuries primarily caused from alot of standing and headbanging. And now Jeff Hanneman appears to have been bitten by a spider. The type of spider that causes necrotizing fasciitis or for us non medical type peoples 'Flesh Eating Bacteria'. So while Jeff had to go into surgery to have the affected flesh cut out and skin grafts applied Slayer needed to find a guest guitarist to fill in on some European dates. I hope for the speedy and best recovery for Jeff Hanneman on this because seeing pictures of what this can do is pretty bad. Hopefully something good can come of this like a song entitled Necrotizing. But yeah, even when Slayer has medical issues it's more metal then most other bands out there.


The Ranter said...

Maybe The Lord is finally biting back (LOL)

The Ranter said...

Did not mean to make fun of a particularly nasty injury and I wish the gentleman well.

I still remember when my Slayer cassette was left on the car dashboard. It melted. Linda, our very religious secretary, remarked that it was "a sign" from above.