Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sonisphere Last Year:The Big Four Sonisphere This Year? WTF

I don't know if this is going to be the lineup for all of the shows but somebody better pray it's not. Sadly Italy does have to suffer though. Talk about a huge back to reality after last year showcased the Big Four. I mean really? Europe usually has far superior lineups then we do in the States. But this is something we'd do in the States if it was 10 years ago.
Ok, Maiden is a win. But Linkin Park as the other headliner? Who's brilliant idea was that? Did someone ask for a Big Four of nu metal this year? Slipknot,Papa Roach,Guano Apes? Someone tell me that Italy didn't ask for this. And why the hell is Motorhead not headlining the second day? Let's put this in perspective, I shit all over the Mayhem Fest lineup here a couple of weeks ago. But I'd actually pay to see that lineup over this if that was my choice in Europe versus this douchefest.

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Meryl said...

That's not the final lineup... I hope. Probably more bands would be included in the upcoming weeks.... ;)