Sunday, February 06, 2011

Vince Neil Celebrates his 50th Birthday in Style or Lack Thereof

Can someone explain this to me? I'm having trouble grasping a concept. So a famous frontman for a famous hard rock band is celebrating a 50th birthday which is actually in two days. It's also two weeks before he's supposed to go to jail for yet another DUI. He states he's learned his lesson about drinking and driving yet didn't learn his lesson in 1984 when he killed a friend in a drunk driving accident. Here he is laughing it up with Flavor Flav and Carrot Top of all goddamn people and photos are taken with drinks in his hand. Yes they could be non alcoholic but somehow I don't think so.

So everyone is having a fantastic time. Vince will do his time which is two weeks in jail and two weeks of house arrest. Big whoopty fucking do right? What a life this is where you can do stupid shit, make canned insincere remarks, take a slap on the wrist, and go right back out and live the party life because you're famous. And 50. I guess some of these guys will never grow up. Or care. You deserve your douche z list friends, Vince.

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t-o-n said...

Vince Neil is, without a doubt, the worst thing about the Crue. Always has been. Even when Corabi was singing for them.