Monday, February 21, 2011

Zetro is Picking Up Where He Left Off in Exodus. Meet Hatriot.

Steve 'Zetro' Sousa left Exodus around 2005. I hadn't heard much from him since other then the AC/DC tribute band he was putting together. Well yesterday on Testament's Facebook page they introduced everyone to his full real project post Exodus. A band called Hatriot. And if you go the the official site it's not complete yet but there is a song being streamed called Weapons of Class Destruction. And damned if it isn't a song that could have been on Tempo of the Damned with the play on words both in band name and song title. They also have a Facebook page for more details on what's to come. I'm looking forward to seeing what this project will become as time goes on because Tempo was and is still my favorite Exodus album.

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