Saturday, March 05, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Edge of Sanity

Ah Dan Swano. The things you can do and have done in metal. Outside of the metal circles it would be a collective 'who?' but the rest of us know Dan as the guy that can produce albums with the best of them and has appeared on a myriad of projects. Where he made his mark was with Edge of Sanity.

If you want to listen to some of the best melodic death metal then you need to pick up the now defunct Edge of Sanity back catalog. In fact Edge of Sanity early on was linked with Opeth and in fact was the better of the two bands. Dan could do the growl and it was coherent but then switch to a bluesy form of hard rock and the back to brutal easily. Probably the only album that was meh in some aspects was 1997's Cryptic due to Swano not being involved at all. But then he reformed the band in 2003 with the stellar Crimson II (sequel to Crimson which is actually a 40 minute long song). And then promptly let the band fold due to the fact that he could not sustain the growl in a live setting for long. After the jump is some tunes from Edge of Sanity. Enjoy.

The mellower side.

This song kind of encapsulates Edge of Sanity as a whole.


snagon said...

Rob I only have Spectral Sorrows and Purgatory Afterglow. Where to next?

Rob Liz said...

Crimson II is good and then I'd say work your way back.