Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Draeden's Succubus Showcase: Amanda Somerville


Amanda Somerville may not be a front-woman for a band on any sort of permanent basis but in no way does that diminish her necessity to be appreciated.

Amanda has performed with the best as well as creates her own music. She's released 4 solo cds and has a project called Kiske/Somerville with Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske. She even covered for Epica in their time of need when Simone Simons was ill and toured with the band taking center stage - and doing a fantastic job of it too (I should know, I was there).

Amanda is all over the metal scene with her powerful voice. She's obviously highly gifted in the singing department and has the looks to match. The first time I met her she strutted in like a gorgeous rock Diva in leather and sunglasses on but in no way acted the part. She was amazingly kind and thankful that we all had accepted her in Simone's stead.

This beauty from Michigan has made a massive impact on the European metal scene whether you realize it or not. Kamelot, Epica, Avantasia, and more recently Serenity has had the pleasure of having Amanda as a part of their newest release with the song, Changing Fate.

Miss Somerville is about as perfect as it gets in voice and more. She's highly sought after throughout the metal scene because of the ease of working with her and the talent she possesses.




Amanda is all over this video Cry for the Moon by Epica:

Here is the video for her project, Somerville/Kiske called If I Had a Wish:

Here is the Avantasia song, What Kind of Love:

If you'd like to know more about Amanda, please check out her website here.

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