Thursday, March 03, 2011

Matt Barlow Quits Iced Earth. Again.

It seems that Iced Earth can't ever gain any momentum with the revolving door of singers lately. Matt Barlow has announced his intentions to leave Iced Earth again citing family this time. Which is a more relatable reason then last time when he decided to be Captain Homeland Security after the September 11th attacks.

Iced Earth will continue on though with another search for a singer. I doubt it will be Ripper Owens since he got screwed over yet again from an established band. All of this just seems to mirror Sabbath in the 80's with a rotating cast of characters fronting every album after Ozzy. Except Sabbath was already a legend by then. Iced Earth is still scrambling for some legitimacy 20+ years after they debuted.And this kind of stuff doesn't help. Stay tuned as this plays out through the year though I really think IE should just fold.

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Scott W said...

I actually like IE with both Owens and Barlow. Since they royally screwed Owens last time, I hope he keeps doing what he does with his "solo band", Charred Walls and maybe even Beyond Fear. They have made enough good albums. They should start something totally new and call it something else.