Tuesday, March 01, 2011

More Slayer Poor Health News. Tom Araya Has Vertigo.

Slayer cannot catch a break lately. Especially when it comes to the physical body. I mean I know the guys are getting older and all but between Jeff Hanneman's flesh eating bacteria and Araya's issues already with a jacked up back, now you add vertigo caused by lack of rest and dehydration. At least that's what Tom's wife says.

"Our doctor is in the process of getting the results on the test that were ran (major time zone difference and being the weekend has held up those results). Hopefully there will be nothing more to add after the results are returned."

I feel bad for Gary Holt who seemed to be excited to play the five shows in Australia and I'm thinking it may bet cut down to just the one show.Well just in case it is only the one show here's a video clip of Gary Holt playing with Slayer.

In the meantime get well soon Tom and Jeff.

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