Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Devil's Review: The Sign of the Southern Cross - I Carry the Fire EP

Now I really don't know much about The Sign of the Southern Cross, nor could I find anything really about these guys. Aka I looked on Wikipedia for them and they didn't have an article about them. Now I don't know if they have released anything previous to this, nor does it matter to me, because this would be my introduction to them. Now when I first heard this band, I figured it would either wreak of country and blues or angry as hell Pantera-esque metal. But to a pleasant surprise, it's a little of both.

Lets start off with the first track carrying the same name as the EP, I Carry the Fire. And instantly kicks off into some aggressive drumming followed by intense riffing. And right off the bat, the vocalist reminds me of Phil Anselmo but with a deeper voice. This mosh worthy song is a non-stop adrenaline rush from beginning to end. A good mix between clean vocals and the screams, a smooth bass line, the drums unrelenting, and the guitars shred.

And this brings us to the second track If You Find Yourself Looking Back. This song is downright beautiful, an acoustic rhythm section and the electric guitar that wreaks of good ol' blues guitar. And the deep tone of the vocalist fits perfectly creating an atmospheric tone, giving you that depressing bluesy tone. And the electric guitar just wails at you making you feel the song.

Doomswagger. So now the name sounds kind of ridiculous. Swagger originating from hip hop and I still yet have to devise what the hell it is other than an Old Spice scent. But that's another discussion, time to focus on the song. Much like the first song, non-stop aggression. It's more of them same from the first song, although towards the end of the song, it starts to show some elements of death metal, followed by a nasty solo.

So overall, this EP rocked hard. Although only containing 3 songs, it gives you a sense of what these guys can do. They can be hard and mean as hell, but they also can be beautiful and bluesy. I'll tell you what though, I'll be looking forward to a full length release by these guys. Keep those horns raised gentlemen!

Rating: 8/10 EP

Track List:

  1. I Carry the Fire
  2. If You Find Yourself Looking Back
  3. DoomSwagger


Rob Liz said...

Ya beat me to the punch on reviewing this thing. That's ok I think you might have done a better job then me.

The EP I believe is a preview of tracks that will be on the next full length album in the works and it's a bit of a departure from the debut album 'Of Mountains and Moonshine'. A departure as in it's not as much Pantera worship as the 1st album though the second track is very reminscient of BLS ballads. Only better in some cases.

Scott W said...

Pantera + Lamb Of God = TSOTSC. Normally that would sound like a good thing, but unfrotunately it's all starting to sound too generic for me. Another band that has a similar sound with a little more classic Sabbath sound is The Georgian Skull.