Friday, March 11, 2011

The Softer Side of Black Label Society is Coming With An Acoustic EP

Black Label Society may have slowed down the pace of releasing albums every year because Zakk Wylde is not young anymore and prone to blood clots but they still try to provide music when they can. Next up on May 3rd from eOne Records is an acoustic EP entitled 'The Song Remains Not the Same'. No it's not a cover album of Led Zeppelin but instead acoustic redoes of songs from Order of the Black and some other tunes recorded during those sessions. This doesn't surprise me as Order of the black was overloaded with ballads so why not make some of the heavier tunes acoustic too? I'm probably going to pass on this but the hardcore BLS fans might be stoked. Track listing after the jump.

01 – “Overlord” (Unplugged version)
02 – “Parade Of The Dead” (Unplugged version)
03 – “Riders Of The Damned” (Unplugged version)
04 – “Darkest Days” (Unplugged version)
05 – “Juniors Eyes”
06 – “Helpless”
07 – “Bridge Over Troubled Water”
08 – “Can’t Find My Way Home”
09 – “Darkest Days” (feat. John Rich)
10 – “The First Noel“

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Scott said...

I've always preferred BLS acoustic stuff over their heavier stuff anyway, so this could be interesting.