Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallows Eve Spotlight 4 - King Diamond


I remember King Diamond from back in the Mercyful Fate days. If someone wanted to show how extreme into metal they were they bought those albums due to the heavy satanic overtones. I remember one guy in high school for Halloween came to school with the King Diamond facepaint on. Personally I was never a huge fan but I liked some of the songs. The thing with King Diamond was his vocal range. He would go from normal to gravelly to this high pitched falsetto voice that you either loved or hated.

Then he went solo and we all thought it was just temporary but turned out to be years before Mercyful Fate got back together. King's themes also switched from satanic to more of supernatural and occult with almost every album being a concept album. Here is one of the few actual videos he made from the album "Them".

King Diamond may not be as popular now as he once was but the influences he left behind is pretty widespread. Many Black metals site MF or KD as being an influence as depicted in the corpsepaint.As well as thrash bands like Metallica who were also influenced and actually did cover songs of Mercyful Fate on Garage Inc. Here is a vid from this years Ozzfest combining the two.

So anyways the dark themes and occult overtones makes the King show up on my site to close out Hallows Eve month. Happy Halloween everybody. Here is a video from the last album "Give me Your Soul...Please"

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Martin said...

Metallica's "Mercyful Fate" medley is the coolest thing they have done since the Justice album. Pure f'ing thrash. \M/artin MALASTRANA