Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hallows Eve Spotlight 3 - Rob Zombie


No Halloween themed month would be complete without making reference to all things wierd and metal, Rob Zombie.
I like so many other discovered Rob Zombie when he was with White Zombie and the video Thunderkiss '65 came on Beavis and Butthead. This was at the height of grunge music. Glam was dead and grunge and alternative reigned supreme. Here comes this guy with dreadlocks and patchwork clothes with guys in creepy costumes riding around in a car. And the tune itself was heavy with a massive groove to it that just sent a jolt through everyone going through a rock malaise.


The song made no sense but nobody cared. This ended up being one of the few cd's I bought after hearing one song. Astrocreep came out and I bought that one too. This song I have a video of my oldest son rocking out to on my old stereo.

Again, this album was chock full of non sensical lyrics but the groove and mixing of old cheesy horror film soundbytes was just cool.Or in this case porn sound bytes:)

Rob then went solo and really embraced the horror theme which was cool. Here is one of my favorite vids. Munsters dragster anyone?

I actually liked all of his solo stuff better because the strong structures were more cohesive and there was a more solid mix of influences.

I finally got to see Rob Zombie in concert opening for Godsmack, and yes his show did not disappoint as there was alot of theatrics on stage such as Go Go dancers and a walking giant robot. The lighting with the black ambiance was very cool too even though the last release Educated Horses by and large did not maintain the horror theme previous releases did. With the exception of this song. This video is what was on the big screens while this song was being played.

In the midst of all of this Rob Zombie was able to be a movie director since he admits that film making is actually his first love. Here are a couple of trailers to his previous works.

This movie was pure crap but enjoyable.

And then his biggest hit so far which is the remake of "Halloween" which I will be watching finally this year.

So there ya go...I salute you Rob Zombie for keeping metal alive through the nineties with a freaky and cool twist. Here is the man himself to help celebrate Halloween with a little clip from last year. Enjoy.

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