Monday, October 27, 2008

Hallows Eve Spotlight 2 The Return - Lordi


So I'm really behind on what I promised to do here. Colds and other real life issues had an annoying way of interfering with my work here so to get back on track I thought I'd focus on a band that really fits the Halloween mold to the T. That band is Lordi.

This group is out of Finland and heavily influenced by Kiss and Alice Cooper to name a few. I'm really new to them and decided to check them out only after seeing multiple posts about them on Blabbermouth. I'm glad I did. I love me some theatrics in rock and metal and these guys( and a gal) don't disaapoint. Their stage makeup is amazing, probably better then some theatrical films I've seen but unlike Gwar(who Mr. Lordi states knew nothing about when he devised this concept)can put together a good old fashioned hard rock tune bordering on metal. Their overall theme is about monsters and horror films but with alot of tongue in cheek mixed in. And that's cool with me, I like Type O Negative, Ugly Kid Joe, M.O.D, Pyschostick and pretty much any kind of band that doesn't take itself too seriously.Musically they remind me of a few bands from the 80's like Accept,Kix,and Krokus in their song structures.

Well without further ado I'll now post a series of videos they have put out, watch them with the light on....don't say I didn't warn you. Muahaha...cough...wheeze..muahaaha.

This song is probably the most catchy of them all.

Well would you?

So emdedding on Youtube is disabled. Fine, Google will hook me up. Biggest hit by Lordi so far I believe.

Here's an ode to the Evil Dead series.

From the new album Deadache due out in the U.S Oct. 28th.

So there you have it, hopefully this will be enough to get more people to check them out. I'll wrap it up with this trailer from a movie Lordi is supposedly putting out with them as the villains. Phantom of the Park with a better budget I think.Even if this movie is crap the effort they put into the appearance on stage deserves to be on film too.

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