Friday, October 10, 2008

Metal in the Movies

I was tossing around some ideas for some posts and I figured I'd post some clips of movies involving metal artists that I've either seen or heard of. Most of these are good for a Halloween theme because lets face it, what's more metal then monsters and evil wizards, right......right? No? Whatever, enjoy these clips.

First up is the classic "Kiss meets the Phantom of the Park". A cult classic of the cheesiest kind, I remember seeing this a long time ago on the late night Creature Features show(yes I'm dating myself). If I remember right Kiss' acting was so bad they had to do voice overs for these guys in here. It didn't help.

Next up is The Dungeon Master starring Bull from Night Court and featuring W.A.S.P. as the evil band of choice. I vaguely remember seeing this crap on late night cable and the only reson I watched it was for W.A.S.P. I was actually able to find a clip from it, Youtube rules.

Here we have Alice Cooper killing some dude with a bicycle in John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness. This movie was supposed to be good but turned into a boring mess at the end. Satan as a tube of green liquid huh? Sure. Why not.

Want the perfect movie to go with this months theme? Try 1986's Trick or Treat on for size. I think I saw this at the theaters when it first came out. Seemed like a good idea at the time because 16 year olds are easier to please but sucked. Ozzy as a bible thumping preacher was kind of cool though to counterbalance Skippy from Family Ties. This pretty much killed the band Fastways career which was a shame though.

Let's flash forward a bit to 1998. Dee Snider decided to bring his character from the song "Captain Howdy/Horrorteria" to life and produced a movie called Strangeland. I have never seen this movie but I guess I should. I loved the Stay Hungry album and this song was really good and creepy but even moreso now apparently with this flick.
Here is a clip someone put together combining the song with the vid. Yes thats Dee Snider looking even worse then he did in Twisted Sister's glory days.

Caution graphic scenes of nudity and violence.I like boobies but this is sick and you may not be old enough.

Here's Dokken's video for Dream Warriors for the Nightmare on Elm Street 3 soundtrack. They weren't in the movie but heres the crappy tie in just the same. Deal with it.

Well that's all I could think of for now so if anyone has some suggestions let me know. I'll close with a little number I like to call.....the Timewarp.

Apparently Ozzy was in Little Nicky, which goes good with the theme of this site. Too bad I didn't see it because 9 out of 10 people recommend this movie be forgotten in Adam Sandlers career.

And here is Dexter from the Offspring getting scalped in Idle Hands. Another movie I neglected to see but this time I don't know why. Yes I know they're not metal but it's close enough, you elitist snobs.

*Update of a Update*

Anybody remember Wes Craven's Shocker? About the guy who was sentenced to death and became electricity or something and killed people? Anybody?
Well no is Megadeth doing a cover of No More Mr. Nice Guy from that soundtrack. And yes the video is just about as memorable.

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