Friday, January 09, 2009

A look back on 2008


So 2008 was a pretty damn good year in the metal and hard rock scene. Alot of top name bands released material and while not all of it was good there was some solid stuff out there.

AC/DC(Black Ice):Nice to see them have huge success after all these years. The time was right for some straight forward rock it seems.

Ayreon(01011001)Another prog masterpiece that wraps up the story created way back in '96.

Battlelore(The Last Alliance)Good release from these guys(and gal) but not nearly their best.

Circle II Circle (Delusions of Grandeur)Another solid release from Zak Stevens and crew.

Communic(Payment of Existence)Really good CD but not as good as Conspiracy.

Disturbed(Indestructible)One of the only nu metal bands I enjoy everything they've done.

Dragonforce(Ultra Beatdown)More of the same from these guys. Couldn't get past the fact it seems they stayed with the same formula to capitalize on the sales boost they got thanks to Guitar Hero.

Guns n'Roses(Chinese Democracy)What more could be said. Probably the biggest flop not of the year but ever. After all the rumors,changed release dates and just plain years of waiting on this, there were debut albums that were better then this mess.

Jon Oliva's Pain(Global Warming)Disappointed in this. The previous albums were dead ringers for Jon Oliva's days with Savatage but by the time this came out I was sick to death of preachy save the world, stop the war albums.The whole CD is just one big message that we've heard before over the last 8 years.

Judas Priest(Nostradamus)We get it Rob, this is an epic album. No need to sing each and every song like it is a 80's power metal song. Probably the most overrated release of the year to me.

Lordi(Deadache)Yeah I know I suck for liking these guys. But I do so tough shit. Nothing new here just good old fashioned hard rock with trick or treaters playing the music.

Metallica(Death Magnetic)The other big story of the year. The first few listens were refreshing compared to the last few releases but I know this will wear on me over time in fact it already has. Lars get rid of the crap kit you use and go back to the gear you had on Master or even the Black album. And mix the bass better. Five years Trujillo has been with you guys and you finally release something with him on it and I can barely hear the bass. Listen to your fans about the production and remaster or remix this thing and you will pull in more of the fans you guys lost over the past decade.

Opeth(Watershed)Excellent album. The perfect balance between heavy and mellow. In fact the mellow songs on here are the best since Damnation. The concert I went to for them was kick ass too.

Sabaton(The Art of War)Pretty meh album compared to Primo Victoria or Attero Dominatus.

Scar Symmetry(Holographic Universe)Superb release. Tainted because of the knowledge that Christian is no longer the vocalist. I don't get into too much growling but his is the perfect tone and pitch for me. Pretty sure the next release from them with two singers is going to be average at best.

Testament(Formation of Damnation)After 9 years what a comeback. This album is how thrash should be played and should be the template for all bands that play this genre of metal. They brought back alot of old crew and it showed as it's the best selling CD they have ever had.

Warrel Dane(Praise to the War Machine)Highly overlooked album. Some great great songs on here. It does take a few pages from Nevermore but that's a good thing. His singing on the cover of Lucretia gives me chills. Supposedly late 2009 will be the new Nevermore album. Can't wait.

I've been perusing some of my sites to try and get an idea of who is releasing stuff this year. I'm anticipating Megadeth, Dream Theater, and hopefully Nevermore coming out with stuff this year. I'm not expecting a big year but here's hoping it will be a good one nonetheless.

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