Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random thoughts and opinions

Scar Symmetry is replacing Christian with two singers. One for clean vox the other for brutal. Rare is it that you find a vocalist that can handle both types really well and with this move SS just made a really awesome project into just another melodic death metal band that will fall into obscurity. Pretty sad really.

Speaking of promising bands Communic issued a statement explaining why there was very little touring and promotion for their last album. Spawning kids will put alot of things on hold. Hopefully some balance will be made because this band is grossly overlooked and it's really due to the band not selling themselves very well.They have potential to be pretty big in this day in age.

Nevermore needs to put out a new album. I've become a big fan of theirs and after the big and overrated releases of '08 ( hi Metallica and Ac/DC)they need to get back in the game and show how it's done. The next album could finally put them in with the elite.


I've never really listened to black metal but I've started developing a taste for extreme forms of metal lately. Case in point Dimmu Borgir and the reason why is the symphonic element. Just like Arch Enemy the music and lyrics are enough to take away from what I think is a very limiting and tiring vocal style. Also I'd like to point out that they are one of the most successful black metal bands out there because of the symphonic element.Supposedly this makes them sell outs. Black and death metal fans crack me up. Apparently if you go outside of the monotonous box and actually progress to ..I don't know...attract more fans....this (gasp) makes you a sell out.
Hate to break it to you guys but there is a reason why these genres have never gone mainstream and it's not just because of the content. It's because of the talentless retread from song to song band to band album to album. I can honestly say if you were to play me something from Behemoth and Emperor and didn't tell me who was who, I wouldn't be able to tell a difference at all. Some bands would actually like more then 100,000 people worldwide to listen to their stuff.Just saying.

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