Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Yeah...about Chinese Democracy

Guns N' Roses Dead

So yeah, Axl Rose did actually release Chinese Democracy. Pretty epic news right? Well you wouldn't know it. Go here to get an idea of the debacle that was the release of this.

Like I stated way back in June, people should not be surprised that this was a flop. But some people are. I truly believe that going over the past 15 years or so of this album and with the way it was released and marketed,that Axl Rose truly was done with the music business a long time ago.

You don't go from one of the biggest if not biggest bands in the world to spending 15years of no new material, minimal tours, or anything just to release an obvious half ass effort like this if you truly love being a recording artist. You just don't. I doubt seriously too that Axl was living off of royalties and merchandise for 15 years sitting like a mad professor trying to put this thing together. He had to have had other business ventures going at the same time.

I think that Axl Rose fed too much off the hype of Appetite ( no pun intended) and decided to see if he go bigger on the next releases and ended up creating a beast he could not control and burned himself out.

I've listened to this album and it's more of a scrapbook of tunes he patched together over the years probably trying to decide if he wanted to come back. I don't know if the pressure to release it finally got to him so he pulled the trigger or still owed Geffen a album and this completes the deal, but I would seriously be surprised if a major world tour and further albums are released. Despite what Axl said in his fan board.

Be honest with people William Bailey and tell the world that Axl Rose is no more. You'd probably get more respect then you ever got as Axl Rose.

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