Saturday, February 28, 2009

Comic Books and Rockstars


So this weekend is Wondercon. Northern California's big comic book and fantasy geek convention. I used to be a huge collector many moons ago but hadn't been to a real convention since '93. The amazing thing about these places is even though the content is not what you would think deemed metal, rock stars seem to pop up at them regardless.

In '93 in San Diego I got to meet Lita Ford and she signed some 8x10's for me and while I was talking to her none other then Geezer Butler(Black Sabbath)came up next to me and started rapping with her. I couldn't believe it and in fact I had to ask Lita if that was him and she confirmed it. Then later my friend Draeden hung out for a long ass time with the guys from Green Jelly in their booth. As we were getting ready to leave we happened to spot Glenn Danzig in his own booth selling some of his art work. So we rushed back and got some 8x10's and he graciously signed them.

Which leaves me to today. A few weeks back it was reported by Blabbermouth that Dave Ellefson(formerly of Megadeth) was to be at Wondercon doing some signings. Well I had to go. Comics and Star Wars peeps and rock stars, oh my. So with my kids in tow we headed there and after talking to the voice of Jimmy Neutron I turn around and there he is. So I struck up a convo and told him he was the reason I was there. Brought up the fact the last time I had seen him was when I used to work for a casino he was playing there with Ronnie Montrose and he was surprised by that. Well to cut back on the star struck stuff, Dave is really cool and waived the stupid photo fee he was supposed to charge to get a snap shot though I did pay the 20 for the autograph. I think he was genuinely pleased that someone came up that knew who he was and appreciated his work outside of Megadeth. And he was really really cool to me in the process. I do regret forgetting to tell him that I saw Megadeth in concert a couple of years ago and it wasn't the same without him up there. I couldn't get past the idea that the former bassist of White Lion was up there instead. I hope the Daves get back together soon. Here is Dave's current project F5.

So anyway to celebrate some of the cool meetings I've had at these things here is a string of vids of everybody I've run across at these shows.Enjoy.

Lita Ford


Green Jelly

Black Sabbath


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