Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rock & Roll Hall of Pop

25 years ago if someone had said there was going to be a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Metallica was going to be inducted, people would of thought that person needed to be institutionalized. This past weekend that very thing happened. However after seeing who in the past have been inducted these days its not quite as surprising since Metallica has only just now after 17 years started playing metal again.

The event wasn't without it's share of drama because Metallica really only exists thanks to the soap opera that follows them on everything. Would they invite Mustaine? Would he accept? Would Newsted show up? Would he play on stage with them? Would Trujillo get jealous if he did? Would Lars say something asinine and stupid?

Well Mustaine was invited but turned it down due to supposedly touring and the inability to get over something that happened decades ago.Newsted showed up and after making the claim that he would play and not Trujillo ended up sharing the stage. Finally you could hear the bass!

For some reason Flea inducted them. And his speech was full of crap. See if you can spot the bullshit in it.

Cliff Burton's Dad was cool and seemed to be at home onstage, though it was sad to see Cliff's mom cry in the audience.

Honestly the best speech came from Newsted. It was open and honest unlike Lars douchebag way of leaning on the podium rambling on and on about his Dad and whatever else. Or Hetfield's creepy interaction with members of the audience.

I will give Hetfield credit though for naming off a list of bands that should have gotten in long before Metallica ever did. But now that they are part of the voting maybe these types of trangressions can be fixed. We'll see. So good for Metallica making it in, it makes up for Madonna last year but for the life of me I cannot see why Run DMC made it. Isn't there a Motown equivalent of this kind of thing?

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