Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow...Nightwish....just wow.

Ok check this out. I love alot of Nightwish's music. They were one of the original operatic female lead vocalist bands that came out that mixed opera, symphonic, and folk into a metal stew and most of it was really good. Tarja was fired and Annette Olzon was hired. Now I'm sick to death with all of the comparisons and drama that surrounded this move but I have to say for the record. I prefer Tarja era Nightwish over far.

And the reason behind this as I was telling a friend of mine is that her vocal style and range to me does not match up well with the type of music that is being composed. She reminded me of a pop singer that got thrown into a heavy band and just seemed out of her element. Well not to toot my own horn but I think I'm right based on this little treasure that got posted on Youtube. Check it out.

Now that vid was recorded in 2005 but tell me it isn't a dead ringer for schmaltzy 90's pop music (Wilson Philips or Richard Marx anyone?)It's not a bad song but tell me her vocal style and range does not fit this to a tee. How in the hell did Toumas and crew think this would be perfect for what they were doing?

All I know is that on the next album it will be reeeal interesting to see what they come up with since Annette will have more creative input then this one. If Tarja had a sense of humor I wonder if she'd be laughing her ass off at that video or not. I would be, honestly.

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