Monday, August 24, 2009

A clarification on Doro please


I've been a Doro Pesch fan for years. Ever since I saw her shake her tight little ass in the video for "Fight for Rock" on Headbanger's Ball. I'll do a post more about her and her music later. But right now here's my problem. Can someone answer this question for me? This could be the most important question ever.In the history of metal,dare I say...the history of mankind.Ready for it?


Nowhere in any interviews or magazines or bios have I ever seen any mention of a boyfriend, girlfriend, or mechanical vibrating device. How can a woman, who is now in her 40's, be surrounded by guys for so many years both onstage and backstage and never be a mention of a relationship or engagement or anything? She did some theme song for her best friend that's a MMA fighter and female. That could possibly suggest lesbian but who knows.

To top it off whenever someone does try and sort of ask like here you get the no comment type of answer.
Or here She tells a story about some dude that was in her changing room. Godamn right he was. And was probably the closest to finding out the truth of anyone but then passed out.Dammit!
This interview came the closest that I could find. And it suggests that she had thought about marriage and kids and had relationships. But are we to believe that as a woman she's perfectly fine not being a mother at some point?
That somehow the grind of touring and the studio sessions are more fulfilling then intimate human contact? What the fuck? todays PC liberal world I'm being small minded and that her personal life and preferences shouldn't matter. But this is a question that has hung over my head for over 20 years. Back when I didn't give a rats ass about other peoples thoughts and feelings and neither did my pecker. I saw a hot chick in leather that kicked ass onstage and fantasized about her. If we have to put up with the constant reminders that Rob Halford and Gaahl are gay then I demand to know what side of the fence Doro is on. It's only fair.

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