Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ozzy understands his audience

I'm trying really hard to not make this a Ozzy site but there are times the man makes it difficult to do.

Saw this on Blabbermouth today and I feel I need to respond.

So Ozzy had the show at Blizzcon the other day and I posted about the 9 year old kid that got the honor of joining him up onstage.Now for those people that don't know what Blizzcon is, it's a convention Blizzard Entertainment put together a few years back celebrating their list of games they created or are creating. Anybody that's ever played Warcraft,Starcraft,or Diablo knows Blizzard and mostly World of Warcraft gamers flock to this event every year.

Last year Ozzy did a commercial spot for World of Warcraft and therefore it made sense from a marketing perspective to have him play at the convention. Here's the t.v. spot.

Fast Forward to this year and he had this to say of the performance:

"Coming here (unintelligible) to the show tonight, I thought, 'They're all gonna be like scientists and fucking brain brain (unintelligible) fucking audience,'" he said. "Glasses-wearing spectacles and coke bottles. I didn't know what the fuck to expect. I kept saying to my wife Sharon, 'Sharon, do you think you'll like me? Do you think they'll understand what I'm about?' And it was even better than some [regular] gigs I've done. It's a gift that I've had a good life through music."

As a former World of Warcraft player of over 4 years let me say with great gusto...Fuck you Ozzy.

If you thought that it was going to be a bunch of fucking gaming nerds(which I'm not denying there were)with no concept of who you were appearing at the show then why sign up for the commercial last year? Oh that's right, a paycheck. Let me fill you in on a little secret Ozmodeus,many WoW players not only have heard of you but also listen to music more brutal, heavier, and technical then all of your back catalog combined. 7 or 8 million subscribers WORLDWIDE say that the odds are good that some of them have heard of you. Hell your own kid looks like what you've got perceived in your head appearing at that gig and he's got his own record label. Probably games too.

For years we've had to put up with songs of how he's so misunderstood and no ones going to push him around and everything said about him is lies. Funny how that doesn't apply to anyone else. Glasses and coke bottles and scientists in the audience? What the fuck Ozzy...what kind of people do you honestly expect to be at your shows? Bikers,felons,drug addicts and functional retards? Come to think of it those descriptions seem to apply to you from the audience you're playing for these days.

Wasn't there a crappy show about you and your family that proved to be popular for a couple of years.....on MTV? By now who the fuck doesn't know who you are? You've bridged 3 generations with your music and other bullshit.To have this preconceived notion that you'd be facing a crowd of absolute genius dorks straight out of Revenge of the Nerds with no concept of who you are is so godamn ignorant and insulting on so many levels.

Oh well I'm done. You've probably forgotten all about the gig by now, or is that a stereotypical comment I just made about you, Ozzy?


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