Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big Four tour....yes please? Maybe.


Go to Blabbermouth and check out Rob Trujillo spilling the beans about a tour being in the works involving the Big 4 of thrash. The initial reaction we can safely say would be " Fuck yeah!". But now that I'm older,would this be as kick ass as say.....20 years ago? Only if all of the bands play stuff up to 1990. Allow me to analyze in the order they should appear.

Anthrax: Most of the key members are still there however Anthrax can not seem to settle on a long term singer and in fact are dipping back in the well to finish their tour by asking John Bush to finish it out. The only way this would work in my mind is by asking Belladonna to come back.

Megadeth: Only Dave remains from the 80's bands and even then it was a revolving door with guitarists and drummers. Ask Dave Ellefson to come back at least and you'd have something there. James Lomenzo might cry but he could go reunite with White Lion in the meantime. Also strategically this is good because it'll put another band on after them to avoid any hard feelings about directly preempting Metallica. Though after 25 years get over it.

Slayer: Probably the most stable lineup of the four throughout the years. All the pieces are already in place and they can just let loose. Get the by now tired crowd pumped back up.

Metallica: Of course these guys are going to headline. I would say bring back Newsted for this but it's really not that important by now. Trujillo can jam the old stuff just as well. What's going to suck is listening to Hetfield mangle the classic killer tunes with his current vocals.

I'm seeing alot of people cry that they want Testament and Overkill and Exodus and Nuclear Assault on the bill too. That in of itself would be a killer tour with just them, but they were not a part of the big 4. They did not break real ground until towards the end of the 80's and by then the Big 4 almost all had released their masterpiece or damn close.

Would I pay to see this tour? If it was set up like I mentioned yes. But if it's patched together with current lineups and set lists from more recent material, probably not. I'd guess the tickets would be between 50 and 200 bucks and for that I'm pretty damn picky about what I want to see.

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