Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little site update


So I've changed my handle from Eclectic to Rob Liz. I was asked the other day "Why Eclectic?". I didn't want to use my old Teleconference BBS handle or my nerdy World of Warcraft handle. I figured my tastes were a bit Eclectic so that's what I went with.

Recently though I have a frequent comment contributor who knows me in real life and doesn't understand anonymity in the Internet circles therefore kept referring to me by my real first name. Hi Ken, Pretty Maids sucks and get well soon buddy:)Anyways I've changed it to Rob Liz which is a short version of my real name so if you see me on any other of my fellow Google bloggers sites as either Eclectic or this, there ya go.

Now that you've read this and said to yourself "Who the fuck cares?" I'll start throwing some more posts out there soon.

I've also added labels for easier navigation to some topics or bands. Thanks for checking in.\m/

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