Monday, September 14, 2009

MTV continues to murder the music industry


So can we stop solely blaming music downloading for the sad state of popular music? Can we heap a nice helping of blame on MTV as well? Please?

I got bored last night and actually made it through the most awful award show I think I've ever seen in my entire life. The Video Music Awards. I think I'm still traumatized.

Not one aspect of that show in anyway focused on music. It was all about image,style,disrespectfulness,and glaringly showed how talentless the most popular artists really are.

Rock bands played 2 or 3 chords. Rappers with no flow. Singers with pitch issues if they even sang at all. Alot of lip synching. And people wonder why the music industry is failing. Record sales are plummeting because except for the hysterical nimrods present at the show cheering on some of these hacks the public is indifferant to this mess that is being promoted by MTV as good music.

To keep in the theme with my blog I guess I should point out the one reference the whole night to our own genre. Jack Black's completely unfunny promotion for the game "Brutal Legend". He tried getting the crowd to up the horns with the chant of Metal!And then led a prayer to Satan in the getup you see in the pic. Thanks for helping the cause, Jack. No really. Find another avenue to promote that game. Don't add to the cartoon bullshit already present there.

I really am glad to see the increase in album sales for metal artists over the last year and I'm really glad MTV doesn't have it's mitts fully invested in this yet. I don't think I can handle another ruination of the genre like the early nineties.

Again downloading is not the only problem and never has been.Whoever is scouting this "talent" for pop music need to be fired. The fans that listen to it should have their ipods taken away. And music lessons need to be given to the artists that have actually made it.And to top it off alot of these "artists" are the ones claiming that illegal downloading is hurting them. No........your lack of creativity and talent is also hurting your career. Wake up.

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