Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shuffled Playlist Random thought


Alright, it's been a bit of time since I last did one of these. I must not have enough excitement in my life. Becaue I get nervous when I do this. Mainly because I do own some music that no red blooded metal lovin' Cro Mag should own. Oh well let's get it over with.

Cool. W.A.S.P. with "Widowmaker". This was off their second album 'The Last Command'. Probably the closest song on the album to anything off the debut. The opening riff is very cool. Though once the song actual kicks in it's not quite as good. Still it's a solid song. And a far cry from the sleazy let's go bang in the backseat lyrics from other bands around that time.

Not bad. Got some old school this time.

Blackie and friend say bye for now.



Randy said...

I never got too into WASP, but the initial stuff isn't bad. "Widowmaker" does have its moments.

Nice Ghoulies photo by the way, ha ha.

Ken said...

Don't fuck with Blackie...Love this band.