Friday, September 11, 2009

Megadeth review ZOMG!


So Megadeth has been streaming the new album Endgame on Myspace and it would just not be right if I didn't at least listen to it.And I did but it was in the background at work so I didn't really focus on it. What I did catch of it remind me of the older speed metal songs from yore but the songs tended to run together. So now I will do like my previous review and take you on my journey on really listening to it and giving it a chance. Here we go.Don't suck Mustaine.

1. Dialetic Chaos: I don't even know what that word means. Oh well. Starts pretty heavy. Reminicient of some Rust in Peace action. Now some shredding from Chris Broderick the new guitarist. Or wait. Maybe it's like dueling banjos.Think Mustaine is trying to compete. This apparently is a instrumental. Interesting choice to do to kick off an album.Yep a short 2 minute noodlefest but it was cool. 7 out of 10.

2. This Day we Fight!: No let up and goes right into Mustaine singing here. Corny song title by the way. Independance Day or Braveheart anyone? Alright time to focus.Hard to make out what Dave is saying half of the time. Muddy production on the vocals.Pretty rippin tune though. Again alot like Rust in Peace. Fast tempo.Alot of solos so far. Like after every vocal passage. Pretty kick ass song.8 out of 10. Probably higher if I could make out half of what Dave's saying.

3. 44 Minutes: Slow intro.Some voiceover like a cop calling out that a 211 is in progress.Officer Down. Oh...Dave's telling us a story.Mid tempo song. Lyrics are kind of bad. I think this might be a song about those guys that were armed to the teeth in L.A. years ago with automatic weapons and were up against a ton of cops after robbing a bank with full body armor. The tradeoff soloing is alot like the old days between Chris Poland and Mustaine.6 out of 10. Some bright spots but the lyrics are kind of lame. The noodling on the guitars is taking away from the impact the song should have.

4. 1320: Song starts off with the sound of a top fuel dragster taking off. If this song ends up being like Fuel by Metallica or Kickstart my Heart by the Crue,I'm goin to have to hurt someone. A bit like Motopsycho with the riff. Very repetitive. Yeah it's a song about driving a dragster. Good lord with the extended solos.5 out of 10. That was lame.

5.Bite the Hand: Kind of a cool riff to start with. Very bass heavy.In fact the muddy vocals are back where the bass is almost drowning out Mustaines vocals.The chorus is cheesy. "Like a mad dog that bites the hand that feeds". That's a bit silly.I'm kind of getting bored at this point. That's not right. Umm...6 out of 10.

6.Bodies: Is this going to be a cover of the Drowning Pool song? I hope not.Hold on a sec. Getting a cool drink coz it's hot in this house.Ok I'm back. Track starts off with Mustaine and bass. Oh and a riff. So far I'm just not impressed with these riffs. None of them have really stood out. You know how Wake up Dead or Hangar 18 or Symphony had distinctive riffs? None of that so far on this album. Now back to more soloing.By now these solos are starting to sound the same as well. We get it. Broderick shreds. 6 out of 10.

7. Endgame: Whoa! Mustaine senses my lethargy and starts this track with some dude on a bullhorn yelling for attention and directing citizens to go to detention centers. I sense a political song. Something about new world order and United states. Initiating eyeroll.Stack on more I hate the government cliches please.More soloing. I think they're trying to mix Hangar 18 with United Abominations.Oh goody the longest track on the album at just under 6 minutes. So 3 more minutes of chorus repeat and hammer ons and pulloffs. Come on Dave...give me something that kicks ass and is unique. Damn. 6 out of 10.

8. The Hardest Part of Letting Go:By now I just want to skim but I can't. I must pay attention and really listen. Song title almost fits my current mood. I guess this is going to be the ballad? Some strings in the background. That's cool.Ugh. Ok. this song is more suited to Kamelot then Megadeth. Mustaine trying to be romantic is like nails on a chalkboard.Oooo what do we have here. Now the song kicks in all heavy like with strings in the background.I think the song is about killing his love. I think this is the most interested I've been since the opening Dave's pretty evil here. It's cool. Too bad it's ruined by the slow part at the beginning.Now we're being let out with a slow passage. I'll give it a 7 out of 10.

9.Head Crusher: The single so far from the cd. Song title is stupid like a bunch of Priest songs. Hellrider anyone? Speed thrash song.The fucking vocal mix is getting on my nerves by now. I can't hear or focus on what he's saying because everything else around is so in your face. Now he's doing that wierd voice over stuff. 6 out of 10.

10. How the story ends: Decent intro but seriously Dave's vocals are the same as most of the other songs on this album. It's like he's not really trying to change it up. Another uninspiring tune. 6 out of 10.

11. The Right to go Insane: Bass intro. Interesting opening intro. I think this song is about the economy and being a poor shlub trying to make ends meet and going insane while doing it. Cut out the economy shit and this could be a cool song along with Spitting Bullets. 7 out of 10.

Finally done. That was almost excruciating. Alright. I did it. I truly listened to it.

Pro's: Megadeth style thrash from start to finish. Top notch soloing.Some mixing in of strings and other elements.
Con's: Uninspring and sometimes lame lyrics. Vocal mix is pretty bad most of the time. Which is surprising because Andy Sneap is pretty well respected for his work however I think he is more suited for bands like Nevermore then Megadeth as seen here. I said Megadeth style thrash but none of the creativity. Top notch soloing but almost too much of it.

There are going to be Megadeth fans that want the old days and this might suffice. The music snobs will dismiss it outright. I think a 'Deth fan should get it for the collection but don't be surprised if you actually become bored with speed thrash.It's like Dave is making up for lack of ideas with soloing and heavy riffs. And that's too bad because this could have been a homerun for Megadeth for the first time in 15 years.

Here is single for Headcrusher.

Album drops September 15th.


Randy said...

While I thought you were a little harsh on Dave, I see what you are saying about there not being enough memorable riffs.

I think there were songs on The System Has Failed that stood out more melody wise, but this is probably an overall better CD.

Eclectic said...

Heya Randy,
My harshness with Dave probably stems from frustrations. I want to like these albums more. Every track on here seemed to give me false hope that it was going to be a killer ripping tune and then halfway through....Meh.

And that's been the case for me since Cryptic Writings. I want Megadeth to get out of the shadow of that other band but there seems to always be an element missing to prevent that.
And his arrogant trash talking self promoting interviews don't help either.

Thanks for checking in:)