Monday, September 21, 2009

Five Finger WTH


So I've been following this story from Blabbermouth for a bit. So let me get this straight, just days before a major tour starts the guitarist comes up missing for days and then resurfaces the night before the first show and aside from being a bit incoherent the show will go on? "Sorry if anyone was worried"? Aside from dudes family the only ones that should be worried is the rest of the band. This show is going to be a train wreck if not the rest of the tour. Be worried about careers.

I was going to do a real time review of the album but I don't feel like it now. Let me say that nothing has changed in the past 3 years between releases. While the new album has some good hooks and such there are times where the lyrics are just flat embarrassing. It's apparent that this band needs to stop ripping off Disturbed and Pantera and really work on being a good band musically and lyrically and cut out the shit of missing drugged up band members. Your tough guy lyrics are even more ridiculous in light of this.

Grow up Five Finger Death Punch, your name alone was going to make it hard to take you seriously now it's going to be even tougher.

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