Friday, September 25, 2009

Iron Maiden are kind of a big deal


Iron Maiden is a legendary band. We can all agree to that right? Whether you like them or not there is no denying that they are legends. Well check this out.I had an opportunity to finally check out the DVD for Flight 666 recently and it's frankly amazing.

The film was put together by Sam Dunn who also did the well received documentary "Metal: A headbanger's Journey" and it basically chronicles the landmark Caught Somewhere Back in Time Tour of last year. Now at face value it was presented that it would detail the unique factor that Bruce Dickinson being an licensed airline pilot was going to do the flying of the band, crew, and gear to 21 shows over a 3 month period. I wonder if the band and filmmakers realized what they put together.

As I watched the film I found the above synopsis taking a backseat to the bigger picture of the power that Maiden holds in many countries around the world. The reception and crowd participation in some of these countries like Latin America and India is nothing short of amazing.Here are places around the world that are under living conditions that would be considered impoverished yet they come out by 50,000+ and chant their praises and sing every line of every song.

While the film documents their visit to the States, Japan and Australia you get the sense that it's just another show by the peoples favorite band.I was the Concord show for that tour and it's not documented but the air was very casual again like this is old hat and just another Iron Maiden show. During the segment on Colombia you'll see a huge differance. The things the fans endure there to get in and see Maiden is wild. The shot of the guy crying and praying to God because he received a drumstick amid all of the other people is pretty poignant and hammers home what I'm saying. Then the power of the masses to overrule the will of the church to lift the initial ban of the show in Chileis just incredible.

I'm only really touching on the finer points of this dvd but you really need to check it out. Every metal band out there now really needs to take stock over what Iron Maiden has built for themselves over the last 30 years. This is the kind of reception and following bands should strive for. Not just look at the audience attendance but what Iron Maiden has done to receive such a following. The members themselves truly have a great friendship and respect for each other and it's apparent in many of the shots between flights and concerts.

Alright so go check it out, buy the DVD or you can catch it on VH1 Classic as well. Here is the trailer for it. I highly recommend it.

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cable_zombie said...

Saw this at the cinema - even in London with all the uptight english people you get, the crowd was singing along and cheering.

It's an awesome film; even if you're not that into Maiden, it's amazing to see how much a band can mean to people.