Friday, October 16, 2009

Metallica songs can actually be beautiful

Some people don't realize just how much talent they really have. Cable_Zombie, a regular commenter here and fellow blogger apparently has done some covers of Metallica songs done in the key of folk with a dash of acoustic. And frankly these covers are amazing. I got chills listening to Battery. Listen to these things and tell her she needs to put out a demo and get approval from the Metallica camp to release an acoustic cover album. I think it's that good.




I love how she took the songs that weren't overplayed and are actually better then the more popular songs in my opinion, and made them her own.

Anyways give a shout about these tunes and check out her blog over in the Devilish Bloggers section under No Life til Leatherman.


Draeden Wren said...

Ok, that's goddamn brilliant.

cable_zombie said...

hey, thanks for putting these up dude, i'm glad you liked them! :D