Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lounge Acts make metal cool.

Back in the day me and my friends used to turn metal songs into really lame ass lounge versions for laughs. Usually it was Metallica or Slayer. Little did I know that there was a bit of fame and comedy potential to be had. As seen here.

Then there is Richard Cheese who has made a career of covering all sorts of song in the Lounge mode. I couldn't find his version of Raining Blood by Slayer but here's some SOAD instead.Enjoy.

Funny how turning metal songs into ridiculous lounge covers actually exposes the ridiculousness of this genre we love.


cable_zombie said...

All mine turn into folk music...
i can't see fame or fortune waiting on me though!

Rob Liz said...

Oh wow Cable...I'm not sure if you did that as a serious cover but it is actually very good. I really enjoyed that and got chills listening to it. Can I post that on the front page?:)