Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blackened thrash? Yes Please.

Well all is not lost for posts related to Halloween. It's a's a witch, it's Skeletonwitch! This band kicks all kinds of ass. I'm listening to their newest release Breathing the Fire as I'm typing this and I must say these guys studied up on all forms of extreme metal and created something of their own.

You want short fast melodic thrash riffs? Check.
You want Black vocals or death growls? Check coz Chance Garnette can bring either.
You want brutal satanic or gruesome lyrics? Check.

Points scored for left handed guitar shredding as I play left handed myself.

As far as this album is concerned it's not too much a departure from Beyond the Permafrost other then there are a few slower mid tempo parts. If you enjoyed Permafrost you'll like this. The only negatives I can see is the production is not quite as good as far as mixing. The vocals tend to get lost in the middle of the pummeling music. I also thought the songs could spare to be a tad longer. It reminds me of the old days of Slayer with the 2 and a half to 3 minute long songs. Here you really get into these tracks and then they abruptly end and move to the next.

But really it's all nitpicky stuff because overall this band is a refreshing gem in the midst of too many hardcore clones. Check them out here while you're peeking at the brand new video off Breathing the Fire called "Repulsion Salvation".

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Draeden Wren said...

The music (on the video) is pretty kick ass.. Not sure I like the vocals much, but I deffo think the riffs are pretty groovy. As far as the southpaw thing, I still don't know why you don't like A7X, Zacky Vengance is a lefty.. :)