Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The trouble with Mustaine

So a week ago Blabbermouth was running some articles on a interview Dave Mustaine did with a Norwegian journalist and how he was angered about the subject of Metallica being brought in. He then threatened bodily harm not remembering the interviewer was a girl and blah blah blah..

Well here is the full video of that interview.

Now after this interview here is the reaction from Dave Mustaine.

Alright, so before I saw that vid in it's entirety I commented on Spinelanguage about this. And having seen the video I still stand by what I said. Dave Mustaine has and always has been his own biggest enemy.

Here is the problem. Dave Mustaine does not have a shut the fuck up filter. That journalist interjected maybe 10 short sentences of only half were actual questions. The rest of the time was Dave just going off on tangents. He would start with one subject and somehow it would lead to three different subjects. I swear to god he acted like someone who is high on cocaine or crank. A bit of paranoia, struggles to complete a thought, and the tangents. Even if he had certain demands on interview topics it wouldn't have mattered because his tangents would inevitably lead to the taboo topics anyways.

Again ladies and gentlemen, if this is how he was 25 years ago but more so because of his age and substance intact, you bet your ass he would be out of my band. I wouldn't be able to be on a bus for a day never mind weeks on end with a guy like this. Lars is bad enough.

He talks so much in this interview that it's no wonder he doesn't remember any part of it clearly. Guys like this shouldn't be hated, maybe sympathy is in order because it's clear he has a social disorder. The fact that Ellefson stayed with him for so long is a testament to Junior's character.

I'm actually glad to have seen that video because up to this point I was totally fed up with 25+ years of bickering and bitching about Metallica. Here is a guy who was probably a hyper ADD kid to begin with that got immersed into the heavy metal scene and all of the substances that went with it in the 80's who is now supposedly sober but has the lingering effects of all that damage still with him. I now have a better understanding of why it could be so hard to get along with Dave Mustaine and why things have happened the way they have for him.

For him to overcome certain obstacles with a measure of success and still be around in the business is pretty impressive. The big question is how is an interview like this is going to have an effect on anybody else's perception of Dave. So far it hasn't looked good for him based on comments I've seen or the rapid decline of album sales for Endgame. Only Dave can fix Dave and I'm not so sure that's possible at this point.

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cable_zombie said...

I LOVE megadave, but even I admit that he's a massive douche - you're right, it kinda of sucks, but all this is his fault alone and it's only him that can get it together again. Poor Dave :(((